Our full-service fabrication, testing and refurbishing shop can provide everything you need, including but not limited to the following services:

Ultrasonic Testing

We provide the latest ultrasonic cylinder testing technology in the industry, capable of testing all sizes of DOT high pressure cylinders.

Hydrostatic Testing

We provide hydrostatic cylinder testing for low and high pressure cylinders. We accurately test cylinders up to 10,000 psi.

Pack Assembly and Repair

Need new 6 packs, 12 packs of 16 packs? Have the frames of you choice shipped to us and we can build and install the manifolds of your choice. We can complete the package with new cylinders from our inventory or refurbish cylinders from your fleet. Our full service welding and fabrication shop can also perform a variety of repairs and rework to old or damaged frames and manifolds.

Cylinder Blasting and Painting

In addition for re-qualifying your cylinders for continued service, we have automated shot-blasting and painting systems to make your cylinders look new again. Our state-of-the art paint systems ensure a consistent and uniform, highly durable finish on your cylinders. Every time.

Service Changes

Do you have cylinders sitting around in a gas service that you no longer need? Let us change them to a gas service that you do need. We can internally blast and wash your cylinders to ensure that they are free of contaminates. Make sure the gas your customer wants is the only thing inside your cylinders! With a new valve and a fresh coat of paint, you can get those cylinders back out in the field where they belong.

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